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A Political Thriller
by Elizabeth Ferido-Bohlin

Once again, it is back! The blade-like crescent figure, which several times in the past had violently hacked its way to subdue and conquer, looms large on the horizon of the European continent. On the road fortified by political leaders, mainstream media, and so-called public intellectuals, an intrusive three-headed monster spewing the forces of multiculturalism, relativism, and political correctness has accelerated the Islamisation of Judeo-Christian Europe with creeping impunity.

Secularism’s edict separating the twin bedrocks of European nationhood – Church and state – though lest one forgets that they still cohabit under the same roof of a cultural heritage that has lasted for more than 2,000 years, upon whose bosom emerged the highest universal values of freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, human rights, and the flourishing of the sciences and arts, have become unequal partners, where the latter is aggressively pushing the other to her graveyard.

The Muslim soul awakens to quench its historic thirst for conquest. Where once it was repulsed and driven to the fringes, it has surreptitiously entered through the rectum of those who wield political power across the Judeo-Christian world.

At this critical juncture of unparalleled historical importance, is it high time for the bell’s toll for HEGEMONY of the phantom state?